We partner and collaborate with brands and agencies to deliver innovative ideas, engaging experiences, and strategic thinking that inspires social sharing.


What We Do

We're 2 parts online brand consultancy and 1 part science lab.


We help brands build better relationships with their audiences, in a world that's dominated by friends, fans and followers.

Through the use of digital, social and online mediums we create brand revolutions and activate brand communities.

Marketing has changed (and will continue to do so). Human behaviors are different. It's time to start thinking beyond "the campaign."


We produce. We create. We experiment.

Test, measure, rinse and repeat.

In our lab, we're able to test new technologies, experiment with different mediums, shatter previous thinking, and uncover brilliant breakthroughs.

We believe that having fun is important. This is fun.



Who's behind the madness?

Kareem Ahmed

Kareem Ahmed. A digital native living at the intersection of creativity + culture + business.

Kareem's exposure to an array of experience (working with clients as large as the brand of car your driving to brands as small as your neighborhood coffee joint) has lent itself in being quite useful in having a better understanding of what causes humans to connect with brands.

His unique outlook on creativity + culture + business makes him versatile, interesting, well rounded and easy to work with.

He enjoys speaking in the third person, introspect, extroversion, traveling, brainstorming, riding motorcycles, making people say, "whoa" and having fun.

Kareem is the ringleader of a rag tag group of individuals who call themselves members of the New Economy.

We are:

SEO Specialists
Community Managers
PR pros
Idea Makers
Culture Connoisseurs
Social Strategists
Creative Business Consultants


Clients & Partners

  • Bi
  • Dish Network
  • Inbox Cupid
  • McNally Smith
  • Snipits
  • Valley Industries
  • Social Link
  • Urban Bean
  • Wingnut
  • Movement Minneapolis


All Brands Are Not Created Equal.

New Economy Labs is here to create an interesting story about your brand. We’re here to connect you with those important people that allow your business to grow. We are dedicated to producing the best work possible.

Web Design and Development

Whether you need a minor face-lift on your current website or a complete overhaul, New Economy Labs will help you do it right. We’ll work with you to understand the “who, what, where and why” to develop the best website for your people.

Online Marketing Strategy Development

Not sure where to start? Already started and not sure where to go next? That’s fine with us. We’ll dive right in and help you develop a custom online marketing strategy and approach using some of the following tactics:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM/PPC)
  • Social Media Strategy and Development
  • Blog Creation, Development and Optimization
  • Blogger Outreach and Partnership
  • Community Development and Management
  • Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other social platform execution

Campaign Creation and Execution

Let’s get people buzzin’. The kind of stuff we do will really have people talking. New Economy Labs will help you put together and execute creative campaigns and non-traditional approaches that’ll help you get the attention you deserve.

Public Relations

We’ll help you reach internal and external audiences with the right messages in the right places at the right time. Public relations is an important aspect of any marketing campaign and we’ll help you get the results you deserve. Some of the things we do are:

  • Online Reputation Management
  • Social Media Crisis Communications
  • Content Development and Copywriting
  • Media Relations
  • Brand Communications

Training & Support (Personal and/or Business)

Have no fear, New Economy Labs is here. What’s a tweet? What’s a fan page? What’s a Skype? Why do all of these things have funny names? Let’s call this crash course: The Internet, Explained. One of our knowledgable specialists will guide you through one-on-one training and consulting on any social media platform out there. We can do this in-person or online. Our knowledge base includes topics such as:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Ice Cream Flavors
  • YouTube
  • LinkedIn
  • Others


We can talk…even in public. Some of us are available to speak at your next event. We can speak about anything, but we’d like to talk about our expertise: social media, online marketing, and becoming a better person. Click the Contact button in the upper right hand corner for a quote.



If you're looking for something more from your marketing partner, call or email us.